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LET'S LEARN students build their brains though input and action.  Building a brain is more than academic growth; it also means growth as a person. Our students are respectful, honest and excellent; they're the values our learners practice everyday. Each of our students comes to know and understand these values by heart. They are the core that bring our students, educators and families together so we can all lead by example and grow a community that's equally committed to building brains. 



Our students are RESPECTFUL. They show respect through their actions & words. They are respectful of others, their environment, their community, and they RESPECT THEMSELVES.  



Our students are HONEST. They have integrity and share the truth even in hard times. They are honest with others, and they are HONEST WITH THEMSELVES.



Our students are EXCELLENT. They work to be their most excellent self & are proud of their effort.  They practice the "do one more" mentality, PUT IN THE WORK, and see results for THEMSELVES. 

Spotlight Students

 SPOTLIGHT Students: Leading by Exampl

A student who has worked to  transform his mindset & attitude towards growth. His journey will be shared his April. 

Trent N.

A student who is learning about accountability and holding himself to a higher standard for HIMSELF. His story will be shared this April.

Ottavio S.

A student who is driven and leads by example. She is an outstanding example of consistency & hard work. Her story will be shared this April. 

Izzy S.

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