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we specialize in INDIVIDUALIZED learning 

Subject Tutoring

Individualized teaching for K-12 students

Each brain is unique; your learning experience should be too.

Learn with an highly- qualified educator who creates CUSTOM content & skill lessons to engage your student.  Decrease frustration, build knowledge, establish confidence and enjoy the process.   


Reading & Writing, Phonics, Comprehension, Maths, Sciences

HistoryResearch & Editing


Where do we learn? Where are you located?

Learn In-Home, Out-of-Home & Online! Our in-person services primarily serve residents in & around the Newtown, PA area.  Our online services serve learner all over the country- even internationally!

Mentoring & Mindset

Grades 6-12 Application Required

Grade 5 & below INVITE ONLY

Learn what they don't teach in school.

Exploring our potential requires opening our minds by challenging the beliefs we hold about our current self. This program introduces learners to personal development integrates accountability  as they work towards awakening their talents. We take risks, apply pressure and build our most excellent selves. 


Created with our Partner


Academic Coaching
Grades 4- College

Reach the next level in academics &  learning independence 


Each brain is buildable; your learning experience should be too.


Pursue true learning independence & academic excellence through coaching with an experienced educator.  Our academically proficient students expand their learning potential with support & pressure from their coach. Have accountability, understand your learning profile, build your study skills and establish high-performing habits.



How do we get started?

Schedule a call with us. We get results because we only take on students who's needs we can serve & families that align with our values- because building a brain is a team effort.  

Working with us is not a program purchase; it's an investment in your child and their relationship with learning. It's a responsibility we DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY. We offer various services to fit your needs and educational budget. Contact us to get pricing for specific services & flexible payment options.     

What are your prices?

How is it different from chain learning centers?

We're truly individualized. We refuse to use mass produced materials & assign workbooks for "homework"- that's not learning; that's memorization.  We hand-make & individually select materials for each student. Our sessions are learning experiences- engaged activities paired with data-driven teaching. We invest in our students and capitalize on their personality & interests.  We're here to  grow ability and confidence in school and life.


Subject Tutoring
Academic Coaching
Mentoring & Mindset
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