Reading and Writing

The English language consists of four modalities: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our ability to proficiently engage in any one modality requires competency among the rest. When receiving reading and writing instruction, the learner will work towards his or her specific reading and writing skill(s) while practicing tasks among all four modalities. We teach using an explicit and systematic approach! In addition to content instruction, students will practice self- learning strategies that gear them towards becoming independent thinkers. Our goal is for the student to harness a comprehensive ELA skillset that promotes success in academics and in life! Subject tutoring is ideal for all abilities and ages; it appropriately supports, enhances, and challenges a student so that the learner may excel towards one's potential.


  • Phonics Instruction

  • Speed & Fluency

  • Comprehension

  • Elementary Reading

  • Middle School Reading

  • High School Reading

  • Adult Literacy


Speaking & Listening

  • ​​​Letter Formation 

  • Organization, Clarity, Style

  • Editing

  • Elementary School Writing

  • Middle School Writing

  • High School & AP Writing

  • College Admission Essays

  • Research & Report

  • English Grammar

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Verbal Comprehension & Retelling

  • Oral Reading Fluency 

  • Pronunciation & Annunciation

  • Public Speaking


Don't see the subject you need?                          We offer subjects on an as-needed basis. We will do our best to accommodate your specific needs.