About Mikala

    I love to make learning fun and active by bringing a fresh twist to traditional, bland, boring tutoring!


    Cultivating a joy for learning is equally important as receiving an engaging, rigorous education. I am confident in my ability to motivate your learner and challenge their attitudes of learning (yes, it really can be fun)! I believe learning must be unique for students of any age, which is why I work to establish a meaningful educational experience. Exceptional tutoring transcends academic goals; it develops critical thinking and interpersonal abilities to equip one with a skillset that promotes independent learning, confidence, and life success.


  That's why I started Let's Learn Tutoring back in 2018- to instill positive attitudes of learning by making tutoring experiences fun and active!


     My tutoring approach stems from my passion for meeting diverse student needs. I tailor my techniques to fit each learner. I am an advocate of strategy teaching, multisensory learning, and physical response activities to get my learners thinking actively with their minds and bodies. In addition to building confident learners, I am preparing for medical school. I aspire to intertwine the realms of education and medicine to better understand the relationship between how our brains learn and how we teach! Recognizing the unique nature of each learner enables me to work with all of our tutors to create customized learning plans and teach parents how to best support their students.  

Let's Learn!

B.S. Education

B.A. Linguistics


Founder of Let's Learn Tutoring

Director of K-12 Learning  

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About Sarah

   I severed as a private tutor over the years and I am experienced in both peer and subject tutoring. I believe in personal growth, and I want to help my students to reach the best of their potentials. My purpose of tutoring is not only providing instructions on a specific subject but also have an impact on one’s study habits and personal improvement.


   In addition, my own experience as an international student gives me a deep insight into cross-cultural learning. I understand the struggle and confusion while facing a completely different education system. Comparing to daily conversations, the difficulty of “speaking” the academic language is always underestimated and I wished I had someone to guide me through the process and help me figure out why I was making mistakes. Now, I sincerely hope my assistance can be a resource to international students so they will not take the wrong path that I was once followed. Last but not least, being excellent is simply a habit and all one needs to do is to learn how to acquire it.

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B.S. Mathematics & Accounting

Director of Mathematics &

International Students